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SUNTEN Participate the 14th the United Arab Emirates Dubai W

Time:2012-04-16 11:58Source:未知 Author:International Market Click:
         From March 13rd to 15th, 2012, the International Marketing & Sales Department participated in the WETEX2012 exhibition which was held in the United Arab Emirates Dubai world trade center exhibition hall.
WETEX2012 is by the United Arab Emirates DUBAI hydroelectric board (DUBAI ELECTRICITY and WATER AUTHORITY) and the United Arab Emirates national energy committee jointly organized about WATER, ELECTRICITY and energy technology international exhibition, The year of 2012 is the 14th since this exhibition was held.
         WETEX2O12 was attracted from over 40 countries and regions more than 1000 enterprises to participate in, and it specially added new energy part in 2012. From all over the world producers, engineering contractor, government and media have appeared during the show, at the same time, which specially held nearly 30 the forefront lectures about water, electricity and energy technology. The three days exhibition was attracted nearly 10000 professional audiences to visit and negotiate all over the world, especially the Gulf States.
SUNTEN, which is Dubai hydroelectric board dry type transformer main suppliers, as usual, participated in the United Arab Emirates Dubai annual professional event as only a Chinese sponsor’s enterprise. After the careful arrangement, we built to exhibition booth, and provided the comfortable space for potential customers to visit and negotiate during the exhibition.
          This exhibition make us widen sight, communicate face to face to understand the competitors in the international environment and customer demand, further consolidate a good cooperative relationship with the united Arab emirates Dubai hydroelectric board for many years. However, because of the impact of the global economic crisis, Dubai market atrophied (the demand of Dubai hydroelectric board) from the end of 2008. Through this exhibition, we see that although the market demand has not returned to the state of the last few years, the Middle East market competition as a place of strategic importance, our competitors have no relaxation for Dubai market. In order to strengthen our position in Dubai market, and exploit the Middle East market, we need to guard against arrogance and impetuosity, continue to work hard.

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