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SUNTEN Was Awarded the Hong Kong HSBC Bank Shimen Data Cente

Time:2012-06-16 11:57Source:未知 Author:sunten Click:
        In May 2012, we successfully signed the 23 sets Dry-type transformer contract with the electrical total turkey company-Hong Kong Mingdian Pacific company which named HSBC Hong Kong Shimen data center project, and the it reached more than five hundred HK dollar totally. SUNTEN made a number of data center project in the past few years in Hong Kong, such as the 2000 Sun Hung Kai data center, and the burning coals iAdvantage data center after the year of 2012, tsuen wan Equinix data center one, two periods etc, and more than 30 sets the same type transformer. This laid a good foundation for us in this project. HSBC data center project is still faced with fierce competition.
        From August 2011, this project began to follow up the contractor bidding, we bid together with Hong Kong Mingdian Company which is our cooperation partner for many years, there are also other total turkey company using our products bidding. Our main competitor is ABB. In the bidding process, Dry-type transformer manufacturing department design office gave good support, multiple cooperate with us in technology scheme optimization and cost reduction, which make our price stay competitive level. Although the competitor in price gives us a lot of pressure, but finally Hong Kong Mingdian company still relies on its delivery record in HSBC bank precious projects, competitive price and clients, consultants company's good relationship to bid successfully, SUNTEN in Hong Kong, with excellent performance, good brand reputation, won the owners and consultants recognition and achieved a strategic significance order.
        Later, there are still several large data center project bidding in Hong Kong. The project achieved success, which not only contribute in the data center i field of building project performance, but also has prepared enough for future similar projects. International Marketing &Sales Department will continue to work hard for the company and add more export performance.

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