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“Marketing Service year”Initial Meeting Held Successfully

Time:2016-03-07 08:36Source:未知 Author:sunten Click:
    In order to improve the service consciousness and management level ,at the beginning of 2016,the company decided to carry out a important activity——“the year of marketing service ”. The activity put customers first, aimed at enhancing the management level, improving the awareness of service, promoting the employee‘s work efficiency. 
    The group leader, company’s vice president Weiping Huang presided over the meeting.  Firstly, the derector Tao Liang announced the notification of activity, and then the manager Wencheng Zeng introduce the work plan in detail.
    The meeting pointed out that the high quality customer service and the service market is the target and core of the operation of the company work. Each department has to do market service work plan in place, and in the process, should be good at summary. Management of cadres at all levels of the company and all the staff should take positive action in response to the market service theme activities, at the same time ,” the market service consciousness” should be a important point  into everyone's daily work .

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