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Sunten’s Big Events in 2015

Time:2016-01-08 08:24Source:顺特电气 Author:admin Click:
●  In February, Sunten was conferred with the VIP customer certification by China construction Bank Shunde branch again.
● On March 11, in order to improve quality, safety and management level, Sunten organized a kick-off meeting of “quality & safety year” theme activity.
● On March 31, the company organized 2014 summarizing and commending meeting of rationalization proposal ,and gave commendation to the advanced departments and individuals.
● In March, Sunten passed the 2014 high and new tech enterprises reexamination, and was granted  the high and new tech enterprises certification。
● On April 24, Sunten was awarded with“model enterprise” of quality management and brand building by Guangdong machine quality association.
● 26 April, Dr. Xu Jiazhu’s research subject‑ “discharge of epoxy resin surface of cast dry type transformer coil” has been finished after 3 years of scientific research work, out of the postdoctoral working station satisfactorily.
● 29 April, sunten held the 2014 annual conference of QC results publishing.
● In April, Sunten published a official wechat account and a recruiting wechat account on mobile terminal.
● On July 4, entrusted by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, Electric power industry electric equipment quality inspection and testing center inspected and tested SCB10-630/10 dry type transformer wand the inspection result was qualified.
● On June 29, “Sunten cup” chess tournament was concluded successfully.
● In June, under the theme of “strengthen the safety rules of law , granteeing production safety ”, the company organized all kinds of safety activities.
● In June, the production skills contest ended successfully. In the competition, the competitors fully demonstrated their professional skills.
● In June, aimed at commending good examples to stimulate common improvement, the Youth League organized all members ran around the lake in Shunfeng mountain,
● 31 July, Sunten successfully passed the three management system certification review.
● In July, the company successfully passed the annual inspection of electrical energy certification in 2015.
● On August 1st, Sunten communist party organized a charitable race around Shunfeng Lake, and raised RMB11350 for love fund。
● 23 August, the nuclear power plant with SC (B) series of safety level (1E) level dry transformer researched by Sunten was through the China Machinery Industry Association of the identification again.
● 26 August, Sunten smoothly passed the 3C supervision and inspection.
● 17 September, the company and Shunde blood station organized a blood donation activity, finished with a total of 31 volunteers and 10800 ml blood donation .
● In October, Sunten was awarded “Schneider's excellent partner of low voltage complete sets”.
● 6 November, The Party branch election conference was held successfully.
● 7 December, “Dandelion Project” successfully completed, after more than 3 months of grinding, 28 players through the examination of internal trainers, and also developing 16 in-house training courses.
● By the end of December, the quality and safety knowledge contest organized by the quality department carried on warmly. With all employees’ participation,online competition and group contest were competing fiercely to find the winner.
● In December, Pad-Mounted & Compact Substation production division made concerted efforts and devoted themselves; the annual output value was 70 percent higher.
● In December, through the joint efforts of all participating units, our new plant’s main project construction has been finished Pad-Mounted  & Compact  Substation, and now was in the phase of inner decoration,outdoor construction,bridge construction and equipment commissioning. Some manufacturing building and the office building were expected to be delivered in March 2016.

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