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Sunten Awarded 2015“Schneider's Excellent Partner

Time:2015-11-20 10:17Source:顺特电气 Author:admin Click:
    Last year, Sunten was awarded “Schneider's excellent partner of low voltage complete sets”, and in this October, Sunten won this award once again.
    In 2014, Global energy management expert Schneider electric announced the start of specific industry system integrators "best global partner award". The award from the business achievement, innovation and technology, products and solutions, services and other aspects of selection, reward outstanding system integrators or individual, to encourage more businesses and individuals by providing the best solution for industrial field terminal user facing challenges, promote the development of the industry. This award shows Schneider electric’s confidence in Sunten, and its appreciation of Sunten’s professional value. 
    Development for over 20 years, Sunten, a company rooted in Shunde city, has accumulated a wealth of industrial knowledge and won an exclusive identification in domestic market.With the advantages of human resource and company culture,advanced technology,efficient manufacturing,scientific management and completed after-sales service,
    Sunten creates broad space and stable foundation for win-win cooperation with partners. As the  lean production base of Blokset, Switchgear division has well accomplished orders from Schneider electric for four years, and effectively enhanced its product value。 

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