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Industry News
China Construction Bank Awarded S
“Marketing Service year”Initi
Sunten’s Big Events in 2015
Sunten Awarded 2015“Schneider's
Sunten awarded the title of model
SUNTEN Was Awarded the Hong Kong
SUNTEN Participate the 14th the U
First Board Meeting was held in D

Technological developments

The company was established in 1988, advanced technology and equipment imported from Germany into the domestic blank dry-type transformer manufacturing field, after 20 years of ...More>>

Postdoctoral Workstation

   Ministry of Personnel, the care of Bo Exchange Commission Office of Personnel of Guangdong Province and Shunde District Personnel Bureau and other government departments, under the guidance of the postdoctoral research station Shun Special Electric Co., Ltd. formally start on March 15, 2003, while the introduction of twopostdoctoral researchers pitted the study of basic theory and cutting-edge topics in power transmission industry。
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