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Product Technical Support
Provide the full range of products of the cis special electrical technical support, including product selection and replacement, fault handling, simple application and installation problems, and provide customers with a common technical questions (FAQ) answers.
Orders and business support
Shun special electrical contract customers to provide support for order processing, logistics and business information advice to all customers, including price, inventory, delivery, invoice queries and processing Returns, and the provision of e-commerce support.
Pre - sale service
50 cities throughout China, professional and technical team will promptly provide 7 × 24 hours of service, industry veteran, well-trained and experienced service specialists will provide you with the most professional service programs and the implementation of the most efficient on-site processing.
Complaints and suggestions
Shun Special Electric has always attached great importance to customer complaints, the ad hoc team of professionals dedicated to handling customer complaints, the whole record the tracking of the complaint handling process, to ensure that every customer complaints to be addressed thoroughly.

Our after-sales service contact:
Tel: +86-757-29960339   Fax:   
E-mail: :georgechen@sunten.com.cn

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Shun special electrical Overview
The company was established in 1988, advanced technology and equipment imported from Germany into the domestic blank dry-type transformer manufacturing field, after 20 years of development, has become the world's dry-type transformers industry leaders and famoustransmission and distribution equipment supplier. The company specializes in manufacture of dry-type transformers, prefabricated substations, combined transformer, low voltage switch cabinet, dry-type reactor, complete sets of equipment to high-quality electrical equipment.

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